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能源 澳博官方网站 from the UK’s leading FM company, delivered 横跨我们客户的企业和建筑.​ ​公用事业公司 contracts or billing support, 能源 risk strategy or 楼宇能源管理.  不管你有多少精力 挑战,我们有办法了. 

Navigate the complex and volatile 能源 行业 with 信心和保证.  请继续阅读有关能源的更多信息 澳博官方网站.



Protecting against 能源 price fluctuations has never been more critical. ​

​Our risk managers and 能源 market experts offer bespoke impartial advice around procurement strategy and long term price forecasting. Mitigate financial risks and build long term resilience against volatile markets.

澳博官方网站 to request information on our 能源 Market Intelligence 打包澳博官方网站.



Data is at the core of all 能源 澳博官方网站 and fundamental to making decisions around 能源 use and optimisation.​

首先要收集你的数据. 然后,我们使用定制的数据库处理您的数据. Analysis and visualisation is through reports and our online 能源 portal, VIEW.​

​Take control of your 能源 data with our stand alone or integrated solutions.​

千瓦时电表、供电电表. 三维渲染


Talking all things renewable 能源 with Elliot Bermudez-Galton, Mitie能源咨询和风险管理主管.


Talking all things net zero with Alex Avila, Head of 计划为零 Consulting at Mitie.


公用事业合同和账单越来越复杂. With portfolio strategies changing and suppliers going out of business, the risks are ever growing.​

通过账单验证整合您的数据, portfolio and supplier management can identify significant cost saving opportunities.​

只付你该付的钱. We work to resolve billing errors and recover money on your behalf.



As the UK’s leading FM provider, we are confident we understand 你的建筑和运营比大多数都好.

Upgraded or replacement Building Management System (BMS) can 立即节省能源.  加上全天候远程监控, we can transform your maintenance response from reactive to 积极主动,每天提高能源效率.

Always on optimisation delivering efficiencies across your portfolio. 



寻找长期或可再生的选择?  你是否需要 advice on Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) or REGO certification, 我们的顾问可以谈成最好的交易.

Consumption rising with the increase in electric vehicles and 电气化?  需要多少能量,需要多少能量 费用和如何连接?  我能自我生成吗??




Mitie’s 计划为零 initiative launched in 2020 began as our own 寻求实现净零排放.  

Today we are accelerating the pathway to net zero and on a 脱碳使命造就了英国.

Consultancy, design, installation, operations and maintenance.  所有 Mitie交付.​​

Bird's eye view of green tree tops and a green river


​​Customer service is at the heart of everything that we do.  试着 和信任.  难怪我们的客户保留率超过 95%年复一年.

We are driven by the 澳博官方网站科学, continuously innovating.

Digitising your assets and using your data to drive decarbonisation 在规模.  Minimising risk and building resilience against volatile 能源市场.


的见解 & 新闻




艾略特·贝穆德斯·高尔顿,能源咨询主管 & Mitie风险管理


能源谘询主任 & 风险管理


如果你想了解更多信息, need to talk to someone about an enquiry or want to chat about your service needs, 那你来对地方了.

Please fill in our short form and a member of our team will be in touch.

If you have a supplier enquiry, please visit our dedicated portal on www.mitiesuppliers.com


Feedback of any sort is exceptionally important to us at Mitie 能源 and we take your concerns and complaints very seriously.

Feedback of any sort is exceptionally important to us at Mitie 能源, ideally this is in the form of accolades for our teams when we have gone above and beyond your expectations but could also be where we have fallen short. 我们非常重视你的关心和投诉.

If you feel you need to make a formal complaint, please email (电子邮件保护) 请求提供我们投诉表格的链接. 这是一个公正和自由的过程, and you will also receive a full copy of our complaints handling procedure. We will respond to your complaint within 2 working days and work with you to create a resolution plan.

Mitie 能源 is a member of the Ombudsman Service 能源 Broker Alternative Dispute Resolution Scheme so in the unlikely event that we have not been able to handle your complaint to your satisfaction within 8 weeks, you may have the right to escalate your complaint to them. You can find out what disputes they deal with by following this link: 公用事业公司 Complaints | Consumer and 业务 Complaints | 公用事业公司ADR.

This a free impartial service for you to use and can be accessed by using the following link: 公用事业公司ADR,或邮寄申诉专员澳博官方网站:能源,P.O. Box 966, Warrington, WA4 9DF, by phone: 0330 440 1624 or email: (电子邮件保护).